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Eintracht, still called SGE in ‘fan-speak’ (after the old name ‘Sportgemeinde Eintracht Frankfurt’), has more than 400 official fan clubs with over 10,000 organised fans.
The Frankfurt ‘Ultras’, with about 600 members, deserve a special mention. Above all, they are ‘ultra-active’ and sometimes even ‘ultra-important’ for the players on the pitch. Thanks to their great dedication and unexpected choreographies, the Eintracht fan scene is one of the country’s best and most creative.

Eintracht Frankfurt fansIncidentally, Eintracht followers are also organised within the club itself. The fan and patron section has more than 5,000 members, giving it more members than any other section of Eintracht Frankfurt e.V. It was the first fan section in German football. In the new arena, the fans now have their own flag storage room, directly accessible from the standing room area in the north-west curve.


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Radio Fanomania

Eintracht fan radio, radio show for fans, by fans and involving fans.
Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. on 101.4 MHz or 99.85 MHz (cable)


Eintrachtfans.TV is a magazine programme produced by fans on Eintracht Frankfurt and topical themes from a fan perspective (once a month on rheinmaintv).